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United Battling Clan Web Page

LAST UPDATED: 30 September 1998
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UBC The Number #1 Page!

Welcome to the UBC clan page, This page is now Under Construction, sorry we will not be updating this page because we are buisy with the move....also can alex please post his e-mail? We are assigning places on the board of UBC....


  • Director of Games
  • Director of News
  • Director of Services
  • Director of Saftey
  • Director of Advertising

    Since it's establishment in May, it has grown from 1 to 27 members and rising! We are improving this page all the time with new strategies and so on. Also trying to make it easier to use the interface on this page, we also have moved on to Outwars also as a clan, we think it will be a really good thing for UBC. Look out for new specials! Have a nice game....

    For those interested in joining, please sign our guestbook and leave your E-Mail or ICQ number for us to contact you. For scheduled clan get togethers we have the option of using our own UBC Chat Room, courtesy of the folks below. Otherwise, just leave a message in our UBC Forum, a posting board for information regarding our members, Age of Empires and Outwars. Thankyou.

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