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Age    of    Empires    II    Coverage


Here are day to day news and reports on the Age of Empires II game!

This page formed after playing a hard Age of Empires game. Cool eh? It gave me time to think how good will the next game be and will there ever be Age of Empires III? Who knows but we know that Age of Empires I and II are the best! Ok let's get down to buisness.... We have exclusive screenshots right from the gaming oven. The news will pile up until the grand opening of Age of Empires II. This page will try to pick all the news up at that point giving exclusive interviews with people in our clan and what they think. Also we will try to get coverage of chat interviews with Ensemble and Microsoft. Until the unveiling of Age of Empires II we will all have to stick with Age of Empires and Red Alert and the....clones which I'm sick and tired of and I hope will end. But classics like Age of Empires will always be there and stick out of the competition. Speaking of competition I-Magic is making a new game....a clone of Age of Empires I and II. But i'm sure they won't make it....who knows?? Have a nice game....

We have 2 interviews, one is the interview with Mark Terrano right here, also we have an interview with Chris Campbell!

I will be getting all of the buildings in here shortly which will provide a full field of Buildings and Units with a simple click of the mouse, as we reach 1999 I'm getting all the strategies together and trying to assemble a "maybe" strategy which will maybe be used in Age of Empires 2. I have some pictures here which are from the production line of units. Also the new chat will be open from 7:30 to 10:00 P.M. for Age of Empires 2 and 3:30 to 7:30 P.M.(ET) for Age of Empires and Personal Discussions will be reserved. Thankyou again for your patience....

We have 2 more interviews! One is with Brad Cow also we have an interview with Stephen Rippy.

Sorry guys, been buisy with the interface in UBC! I'm getting a countdown thingy here to countdown till the release of AOEII! I promise i will get some new stuff in here will be a spceial thing and I will put a countdown to it! It's....he he he not telling, check back here for more updates!