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UBC    Red    Alert    Main    Page

Welcome to the Red Alert page for UBC! We have now covered alot of games making us the only clan in the world to cover this many games! Congratulations UBC! I personally am proud of this clan for it's efforts in the evolving game industry. I hope it stays that way! I also would personally thank UBC_Ernest for doing such a good job on the pages! Let's just see how well he can do the starcraft page....We had a talk with maxis yesterday on SC3000. I came late and missed alot but it was ok cause you can find the recording at The Sim Gateway which is the best SC3000 site around. It was a sad day today with UBC announcing that it will shut down it's SC3000 page....but it's worth it! Now we get more time to upgrade this page and alot more! Well enough about SC3000. We here at UBC Webmasters will make this page one of the best with screenshots, news, member names, tips and so on! All who are interested in joinging we have a form to fill out!