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Fast Bronze Tutorials

Age of Empires Heaven: Academy
The best one I have seen so far. Learn it, USE IT
AoE Bible: Bronze Rush Strategies
Plenty of good info here!
AoE Bible: Yamato Cavalry Rush
One of My favorites!
Yamato Cavalry Rush
Another Variation

There has been a lot of published fast bronze strategies on the net. I have linked to as many as I could find at left. If you know of more, please tell me. Thanks.

In a nutshell, I will try to lay down the guidelines for a fast bronze. Anything occurring in less than 16-17 minutes is a good enough time, usually able to beat most opponents if used correctly. 12-14 minute bronzes are the best, and you will be hard pressed to defend against any attacks that soon..unless you are the attacker! It is extremely important to beat the other guy to bronze and then use your units to attack him as soon as possible. The faster you take out his labor force, the better.

  • First, build a worker from your town center. Use 2 villagers to build houses, and the other one to search for berries.( or shore fishing if you are close to the water).
  • If you go with the berries, put the first 6-8 workers gathering the berries. The next 8-14 must chop wood. I recommend building no less than 16, and no more than 21 workers before you go tool age. This may seem like a lot but you will have the added resources to go bronze faster!
  • You have to have a feel for getting the most out of your workers. If you are in tool, and you have enough wood to build an archery range/stable and a market, but not enough food yet, put all your woodworkers to getting the food. Make sure the buidlings are done well before hand so the instant you hit 800 food, you go bronze. This should happen no later than 16 minutes for you to win the game. It takes 2 minutes for your town center to process the bronze upgrade, so you are looking at an 18 minute bronze time. A little slow but still workable.
  • On Food Production:
    1. Shore Fishing is the absolute fastest way to get food. up to 3 times as fast, depending on how far the worker has to walk.
    2. Next fastest is gathering berries. There should be a granary right next to the berry patch to save time.
    3. Hunting is the third choice, usually needed only to get to iron. I almost never hunt, just because I have already set up my farming plan and am ready to go with it.
    4. And the mainstay through iron age, Farming. Unless you are in good shape and can spare the wood, I will always upgrade my farming to the max. If you are sumerians, this equals a lot of foos produced from just 1 farm..almost 650 if I remember correctly.
  • Another thing to remember is that once you hit Bronze you will need a steady supply of Gold. Cavalry uses up a lot, so be prepared before hand for the gold drain. I use about 5-8 people just to keep my supply built up. If you are focusing on a low cost unit such as composite archers, it is not as necesary. Having the archery ranges to pump out the archers is though. Always have more houses and production facilities than you will need!
  • Sometimes the key is in mass production of cheap units, such as Composites and Swordsmen. If I play Choson and can get my legions churning out, almost noone can stop me, just because they only cost 35 food and 15 gold. I can just send more little infantry to attack their town than they can deal with.
  • Of course, the key through the whole game is to kill the enemy's villagers, to stop production, while at the same time protecting yours from harm. I use walls and towers every chance I get, if not to completely stop the enemy outside, but to give me a chance to run my peons off to a safe haven where they will continue to produce! So, have fun with this strategy, and see you on the zone!