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Welcome Members!

This is a member only page! Members use this to find the times for special games and such involved with UBC. To join please go to the Joining section of the web page.

UBC has made a ranking sheet which will show you the points you have to earn to advance and so on. Please E-Mail me and put your E-Mail adress and/or ICQ number if you wish to obtain the monthly newsletter and/or the rank sheet. Thank you for your support! Have a nice game....

The Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion Pack is coming! Click here for the full story!

UBC Productions announces new program! Click here for full the story!

UBC is shutting down the SC3000 page....they say this is because they want to focus on Age of Empires, Red Alert, Starcraft, Outwars and possibly C&C2...." We don't think there is a need for SC3000 to be in the clan as it is a building game and there is no competition. We will put it back on if there is a need, also it takes us the whole day to update the pages and grant your requests." Here are the webmasters of the UBC pages. Age of Empires & Main: UBC_Wiskatos, UBC_Ernest, Outwars: UBC_Wiskatos, Red Alert: N/A Starcraft: UBC_Ernest also we are thinking of adding Outlaws Demo, but because of the low attendance on the game we may not do it until mid-late 1999.

We now have a new area called Site Exchange, it is a program which lets people share banners through UBC....As you may have seen on the first page we are already in full speed wit this, also a reminder that this service is FREE. UBC Web Pages is planning on putting Java on the pages to make them more interactive, "We are already making a site called Java Experimentation Area, which will be full of Java and will be for experimetning and fun (ie. Java games or some other stuff)". Also expect a password to pop up when you are entering the Mmembers Only area sometime this or next week. "We have been wanting a password for the Members Only area from the start of our pages". This week has been a buisy one for UBC Web Pages....

Breaking News
We have an update on the Java Testing Area! It has been canceled due to some discoveries today! "We don't see a need for it right now as we have now installed some Java in the UBc pages and we saw thath there was no need for it". Well there you have it, also the News Ticker is up on the front page and we hope to get one inside the Members Only Area....

The surprise is taking affect already as we slowly start to build foreward to the big date, as you see today we have added something completely new on the front page, it is just one of the things that are happening here at UBC!

The Number #1 Clan!