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Age of Empires: The Rise Of Rome Full Story

UBC making new product



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Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Full Story

New Expansion Pack for Age of Empires!
Age of Empires Expansion Pack will be out in time for the 1998 holiday season. This Expansion Pack will focus on the ancient Roman Empire and delivers new civilizations, unique units and additionla campaigns, including The Rise of Rome.

Bruce Shelly talked with Computer Games Online at E3. Some of the Highlights of the interview. The main additions to Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion Pack will be four new civilizations: Roman, Macedonian, Carthainian, and Palmyean.

Other major additions will be new units, such as camels (Shelly explained they'll slow down the cavalry charges of opponents because horses, for some reason, hate mixing it up with camels) and slingers, a low-cost counter to archers. The Rise of Rome is scheduled for Fall 1998 release. Until then UBC will try to get previews of the Expansion Pack, so come back here often and check for the preview!

UBC making new product

New Product from UBC!
This is the first product from the new UBC Productions. It is set to be released at the end of July. We had a brief interview with Executive Producer UBC_Wiskatos, who also started the clan. He says "This program will have an easy-to-use interface with about 20-25 chapters, they will include Offensive Strategies ect. It will be about 1.0mb but we aren't sure yet." Look for a Review of the product soon!