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Official    UBC    Ranking    Sheet

List    of    Ranks

This is a rank sheet to show how many points you need to go higher in the ranks:

President: Nobody except UBC_Wiskatos can be President
Vice President: Nobody except UBC_Ernest can be Vice President
General: 150,000
Lieutenant General: 130,000
Major General: 110,000
Brigadier General: 90,000
Colonel: 70,000
Lieutenant Colonel: 50,000
Major: 30,000
Captain: 10,000
First Lieutenant: 9,000
Second Lieutenant: 7,000
Warrant Officer: 5,000
Chief Warrant Officer: 4,000
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps: 3,500
Master Gunnery Sergeant: 3,000
Sergeant Major: 2,500
Master Sergeant: 2,000
First Sergeant: 1,500
Gunnery Sergeant: 1,000
Staff Sergeant: 800
Sergeant: 600
Corporal: 400
Lance Corporal: 200
Private First Class: Starting rank for all newly enlisted personnel

After a promotion points are set to zero.

Rules of Conduct:
Calling yourself another rank will involve immediate warning.

(C) 1998 UBC