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Thoughts    From    the    Vice    President

  • Make every effort to stay calm and courteous on the zone. Hard to do sometimes as I get mad alot myself.
  • Avoid Flooding of the chat main when you are advertising. If you still have one add in view, that is good enough.
  • Please stay away from personal attacks, bad language, and vulgarity. We are there to have fun, not slam others. If you want to do that, go to a chat room elsewhere!
  • Never Quit a game if your partners are still ok. Nothing ruins my game faster than a new partner quitting when a huge enemy force storms into his village. Always have an avenue of escape ready. If your village is attacked and you cannot stop the aggressor, take all of your peons and run to the nearest allied base! If you escape with most of your workers, not too much is lost.
  • If you are a good player fighting against a mediocre one, try taking it a little easier and giving them a fighting chance. I am not saying stay in one place and don't attack, rather, spread out even more and make him fight a little for the resources he will need to carry on his attacks.
  • Most of all, have fun! AoE is a great game and will be around for a while. UBC will be here as long as the zone continues to run the game, and will be moving into the AoE2 arena as soon as it comes out. See ya on the zone!

From    The    President's    Computer    Room:

The Vice President wrote all that could be written! Here are a few reminders:

  • Being extremely rude after numerous warnings will make you get booted.
  • Please make an effort to stay calm if somebody angers you, ask the host to boot him.
  • Please do not say your rank is higher than it really is, saying that will confuse us all and make trouble.
  • Most importantly have a good time!