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It was 3v2 me and Ernest were playing islands. The rest were pretty easy. I was Sumerian and Ernest was Yamato but wanted to be Phoenican but clicked the wrong button. I started off pretty good picking berries and shore fishing Tooled in about 7-10 Mission Elapsed Time (MET). I started Bronzing at about 18-20 MET with 6 villagers on food,wood and gold no army yet. Ernest was building ships in bronze and then Ironed quickly. I Ironed at about 24-26 MET. I researched the wheel and started to change to Offensive Tatics (OT) which means to switch to farms since Sumerian get 600 food for farms. I built all the buildings like Siege Workshop, Barracks, Archery Range, Stable and Goverment Center. Before i built my first Chariot Archer i got Iron and I only got one Chariot Archer built before i switched. I built 2 more Archery Ranges to build Horse Archers. I reached my population limit and had a problem. Me and Ernest were on a different island from our enemies. I had to kill 3 villagers sniff....sniff.... Ernest already started to kill the bad guys and wiped out some leaving them bare. I built 4-5 Docks and made 3-4 Transports which weren't Heavy Transports because Sumerian don't get them. I loaded my Army on and went to the toher island. Just before we mined all our gold on our island i sent 3 villagers on a Transport to the toher island. They built a Town Center and 3 Archery Ranges, 3 Stables, 3 Siege Workshops and 3 Barracks. After they built all of that i sent them to chop wood. I went for the attack....Green disconnected because of lag and left 8-10 villagers in a group. It only took 1-2 shots from my fearsome Catapults to wipe them all out. I said to Ernest "See that?" he replied "All wiped!!!". I started attacking Red and Grey which were bunched like one. Ernest who was Brown already killed a part of them with ships. They took out my herd of War Elephants and destroyed my Catapults and Horse Archers. I gave some food and gold to Ernest, say 1000-2000 each. He gave me wood 1000-2000 i'm not sure. I built my fleet and killed alot of villagers from the last attack and this one. I lost all my units again. I started to build more units but then....oooops no gold! We mined all the gold from our island. I had to get Chariot Archers and Chariots. I summed them up with some leftover Elephants and Horse Archers. I killed a few villagers and nearly killed the Town Center. I forgot about my Horse Archers (1-5 of them) on my original island. I was loading them into the transport while building Chariot Archers and Chariots in the new base. I summed up a few leftover Long Swordsmen, Chariot Archers and Chariots and went for the attack when....the Red said "good game" and wanted to exit. Meanwhile Grey exited so Red exited too and we won i didn't have any gold in the end because i sent all my villagers on wood. I had about 320 points, Ernest had about 700 and everybody else had between 306-400 so everybody except green who disconnected had more points than me, thats because i attacked late, but i had the largest army. I was the only one who had a land army except Ernest who had some Phalnaxes at the end. All in all me and Ernest had a good game and this game will mark the first chapter in the War Stories Web Page!